Munny Sokol Park - Trail Running

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Trail Running has never been so accessible and well-maintained!

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Michael Lambert


5.7 miles

There is a 1.2 mile loop and a 5.7 mile loop.

Destination Distance From Downtown

4.0 miles


2 of 5 diamonds

Family-friendly trails. Not so family-friendly trails also available.

Time To Complete

0 hours

30 minutes - over an hour.


All Seasons

The best time is Spring and Fall.

Dog Friendly

On Leash Only

Fees Permits




The sun is out. The fall air is thin and chilly. You've just been released from your duties for the week from the job or coursework that take up the vast majority of your time. You are prepared to expel some of the pent-up energy that has found no outlet in your quiet, day-to-day life. You lace up your favorite pair of running shoes, gulp some water, and fit your earbuds firmly in place while listening to your favorite new jam. The clouds have taken on an otherworldly hue, as if in a dream; the grass greener than usual. With the first few steps, you feel your heart beating in your chest--the trail is waiting. Welcome to Munny Sokol Park.

What Makes It Great

Munny Sokol Park is perhaps the closest trail running destination available in relative proximity to downtown Tuscaloosa. WAMBA does a great job maintaining the various twists and turns that greet any would-be visitor to these trails, and the Park Ranger can regularly be seen patrolling the parking lots and picnic areas, offering an element of safety unmatched at off-the-beaten-path locations.

The trails here are composed mostly of sandy to silty loam which gives a bit when jogging but should be avoided if the trails become wet or flooded. With loops specifically aimed at families, mountain bikers, and intermediate joggers, all interested parties are sure to find the "Goldie-Locks" trail that best suits their needs.

Come for a quick workout after work or play and you may find yourself compelled to stay and watch baseball games on a nearby field, observe local bird populations, or simply enjoy the natural landscape that is available to one and all who choose to visit this beautiful location. 

Who is Going to Love It

These trails are well-suited for a variety of possible inhabitants - from birds to mountain bikers to joggers, runners, and families - this park has something for everybody. Evidence of the multitude of visitors can be seen and told by the many daily visitors to this park, which might also point to the flat-out convenience of its' proximity to residential areas and downtown t-town. This park is most popular with the after work / school crowds looking to get in a quick workout.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

From downtown Tuscaloosa, head north on Macfarland Boulevard until reaching the intersection with Watermelon Road. 

Take a right on Watermelon Road. Stay on Watermelon Road until crossing Old Colony Road.

Park is accessible by both Old Colony and Watermelon--however, if you're after the grand entrance pictured above, take a right on Old Colony and use the entrance found shortly thereafter on the left.

Park Hours:

March 1-November 30: 7:00AM-10:00PM, Monday-Saturday.

December 1-February 28: 7:00AM-8:00PM, Monday-Saturday.

Sundays / Holidays: 7:00AM-Dark.


No motorized vehicles allowed off paved surfaces.

No motorized recreational vehicles of any kind--other than those powered by humans, of course!

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Munny Sokol Park - Trail Running

5901 Watermelon Road
Northport, AL, 35406
33.263787, -87.54225

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