The War at Windrock

The War at Windrock
The War at Windrock
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The War at Windrock has certainly earned its name as a war and not a run. This challenging race is divided into three battles, and will test even the most veteran athletes. The two-day event starts April 12th at Windrock Park in Oliver Springs, TN. From the incline to the drop offs, this 3-stage race should be taken seriously.

Runners will be challenged, but rewarded with mountain views from the extreme elevation gains. Participants in the ‘Trailfecta’, all three races, will experience the mountain by moving fast, getting high, and going long. Each battle is designed to test runners in different ways.

The first battle is a 4.5-mile single-track trail run that starts on the 12 th  at 9:00 am. The runners are encouraged to use their speed and agility to pass others to make it to the finish line. The second battle proceeds shortly after at 2:30 pm on the same day. This battle is a 10k uphill scramble up the mountain. This course gains 3,000 feet in elevation and will push runners to their limit.

Starting at 8:00 am on April 13 th  the last battle begins. This is a 34k race. Eighteen tall wind turbines meet the racers at the finish. Pushing racers to their max, this event finishes strong with a difficult, yet beautiful run.

Festivities keep you entertained after your run is finished and between events. Everyone can enjoy live music, food, corn-hole and bon fires. Runners are encouraged to camp on side and stay the entire weekend.

Participates can pick and choose which battles they want to run in, or if they are up for the challenge they can do all three. All details on cost and location can be found here, and to make campsite reservations visit here.

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