Valentine’s Day with the The Dirty Guv’nahs

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Whether you’ve got someone to love or just someone who loves the Dirty Guv’nahs (though hopefully you’ve got both!), this musical tour of their Fairlane video is sure to please.

The Old City

If you want to make the most of this musical scavenger hunt, you’ll want to wake up early and head to the Old City where, in the video, the girl playfully turns the camera on her reluctant beau. If you look closely, you can see Jig and Reel‘s Scotch-Irish lion in the background, but since it’s probably still too early for a pint, head down to Old City Java and grab some coffee. Then it’s off to the Urban Wilderness!

Meads Quarry Lake

The music video suggests that the spot where the couple skips rocks is a private, “No Trespassing” waterhole. Lucky for you, it’s actually Meads Quarry—a popular public wilderness area located just a little ways past the Ijams Nature Center. If you feel like setting out on the lake with your significant other someday when it’s warmer, there are canoe rentals available in spring snd summer. But for now, a hike up the Tharp Trace Trail to see the lake from above should suffice.

The Tracks

James walked live railroad tracks in South Knoxville during the filming of “Fairlane.” He and the film crew even jumped off the tracks during shooting to avoid being hit with a thousand of tons of freight. We can’t officially endorse our readers walking the same tracks, but there are some cool old tracks that run right by Meads Quarry Lake and are fun to explore. The tracks are skirted on their southeast side by a network of hiking and mountain bike trails, so you’ll likely hear families bustling up and down the trails.

Disk Exchange

You’ll find a different variety of tracks here: music tracks—more than 100,000 of them! This is the spot where the “Fairlane” flirts browse the shelves and share their favorite songs. When you visit, try to find the Guvs’ newest album, Hearts on Fire.

Mast General Store

Head back downtown and look in at Mast General Store. In addition to the huge barrels of candy and reluctantly donned cowgirl hats seen in the video, Mast has a sizable supply of name-brand outdoor gear and apparel. And if your closest companion is an adorable border collie instead of a beautiful brunette, no worries. Dogs are always welcome at Mast.

Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria

Home to arguably the city’s tastiest pizza, wildest concerts, and most impressive beards, Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria also has bragging rights for appearing ever-so-briefly in “Fairlane.” Upstairs, you’ll see the pool tables and bar from the video. This is a great spot to grab dinner and a craft beer.

Backyard Bonfire

Knoxville is one of the friendliest towns around, so finding a great backyard bonfire like the one in the video shouldn’t be too hard. (If nothing else, my backyard’s open.) Wherever you end up, maybe don’t invite this hatchet guy that appears midway through ‘Fairlane.’

Thanks again to James Trimble and Badland Pictures.

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