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Tipit Designs is comprised of two guys and an RV functioning as a portable design studio. It’s nonstop adventure as they travel the country creating inspirational vinyl wall art.

Brett Durkee and Ryan Kilpatrick are all about living authentically doing what they’re passionate about—experiencing the world and spreading the message to explore and take risks. You can find their fun vinyls on etsy and follow their journey in photographs on Instagram. Don’t even look unless you want to feel that adventurous fire in your belly because they make you want to hit the road.

RootsRated: What is a day in the life like?

Durkee : We spend our days working our butts off online producing our vinyls, or exploring the surrounding area's city life and outdoors. "Work" and play have intertwined, and that is what makes it so amazing!

Kilpatrick : Today we woke up at 8am in a Home Depot parking lot, made breakfast, worked for a few hours then drove to Wallace Falls State Park and did an amazing hike. Other days we work on producing the vinyl for 8 hours at a campground and yesterday we spent the whole day exploring what Seattle has to offer. It really changes every day.

We want to give the best possible service to our customers, but we are also not trying to work 50 hours a week. Adventure is the end goal. We want to be free to do the things that we love and encourage people to do what they love. We both sat behind a desk far too long... Not that doing so is a bad thing, it just wasn’t what made us happy.

RootsRated: What is the reaction you get about your lifestyle?

Durkee : Either "Wow! That is so awesome!" or "What are you guys thinking? You're 30 years old. You need to be responsible." We are all about inspiring and encouraging people to pursue their dreams and really enjoy and experience everything life has to offer. To us, it would be irresponsible not to being doing this.

Kilpatrick : "That is so cool" or "I wish I would have done that when I was younger." We always preach about not having to retire. Retiring means you are walking away from something you do not want to do anymore so you can do all the things that you should have been doing all along. It just doesn’t make sense to us. Why wait until 65 to do things you love? Seems pretty crazy to us. We would rather be considered crazy than boring.

RootsRated: What is the most exciting thing that's happened since living in the RV?

Durkee : We’ve watched sunsets in the Florida Keys, over Great Salt Lake, and from the Pacific coast. We’ve climbed mountains in the Rockies, almost been stuck in a cavern in Moab, and paddle boarded in Big Bear Lake and Monterey Bay.

The most exciting thing has been persevering through tough times. We work for ourselves and when times are tough it can be very frustrating and disheartening. We have failed, lost money, had things stolen, and at times wanted to throw the towel in. You know what? We're still here, and better for it because those things happened. It's about never giving up when you really believe in what you're doing. That is when the real excitement happens.

Kilpatrick : We have seen so much. Entombed waterfalls, the aftermath of a shooting, 50 MPH winds in Salt Lake City; we swam with turtles in Hawaii and touched an alligator in Florida. It has been amazing.

RootsRated: How do you get along in such close quarters?

Durkee : It all kind of falls into place and you get so used to it that you really don't notice anymore. And we spend so much time outside the RV on our adventures that we get out energy that you can't use up when you're stuck in a box on wheels.

Kilpatrick : We always say there is business and then there is friendship. If it is business and needs to be said we say it. We both have to be able to get our points across. We honestly get along really well and barely fight. We have been traveling together for years so we know each other pretty well.

RootsRated: What advice would you give to someone wanting to do this?

Durkee : Don't let it be just an idea. Just do it. Really. People will tell you it's crazy. You will tell yourself it's crazy. It is crazy. And it's worth it. You can't possibly prepare for everything; almost all of it is learned on the road. Just be open to new experiences and know ahead of time that it's not always easy.

Kilpatrick : Do it. Just prepare first. Have a savings account for things that come up, get an income that you can make on the road. Pack light, have a good phone, pillow, towel, go pro, and shoes. Life will give you nothing. You have to take it. I would rather fail doing what I love then succeed at something I hate. Life is amazing and you only get one run at it, so trust yourself and take chances.

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