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In 2012 a local poll named The Red Cat the best coffeehouse in Birmingham. Their reputation for the best coffee remains strong today. Nick Summers and Erin Isbell shared a passion for quality coffee, so they purchased a roaster and perfected the art of roasting their own beans. They sold to a local farmer’s market, then decided that they wanted to grow the business further.The Red Cat was born, and the rest is history.

Summers and Isbell decided that simply buying bulk coffee beans from a supplier wasn’t good enough. Summers travels out of country, visits farms and makes his selections not only based on the quality of the bean, but how the workers are treated. Summers and Isbell are committed to the Fair Trade Model which supports farmers and their workers. The coffee beans are expertly roasted by The Red Cat themselves, then processed to create the perfect cup of coffee. Baristas are trained in creative latte art, but not just for looks. “It’s an indication that care has been given to the process of making your drink.”

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Their quality is not just in the coffee, however. The Red Cat believes in satisfying the customer no matter how difficult the order. Prefer your coffee French Pressed? No problem. It will be made to order. Would you like a spanakopita to go with your cappuccino? They will be happy to accommodate. They didn’t learn the art of making the perfect spanakopita in hot kitchens in Greece for no reason. If you would rather have a beer or delicious house wine to go with your lunch instead of coffee, The Red Cat would be happy to accommodate. With a variety of beer and wine available, you’ll have plenty of choices.

Are you in the mood for a delicate and flavorful crepe on an early Saturday morning? Don’t hesitate to order. The Red Cat often uses fresh ingredients from nearby Pepper Place Farmer’s Market, and loves to showcase their culinary skills. During the farmer’s market season (April – December) they often find themselves packed with patrons as their popularity continues to increase.

With menu items such as Greek Salad with European cucumbers, pepperoncini, spring greens and creamy feta; veggie wraps with hummus, fresh spinach, feta and artichoke hearts; and ham and Swiss croissants, it’s no wonder that the word on the street is that The Red Cat’s food is just as excellent as the coffee.

They are not just known for their mouth-watering menu items, however. They were disguised as a French Restaurant in the movie “Mom’s Night Out”.

The Red Cat is considered by many to be Birmingham’s top choice coffeehouse whether you’re looking for an excellent cup of coffee or an ambiance to host a good conversation with a friend.

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