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The Foundery Coffee Pub
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Though by American standards its name might suggest otherwise, the drinks on offer at at The Foundery Coffee Pub are of the non-alcoholic variety. That’s because The Foundery takes the British-leaning definition of a pub as a public house (hence the name “pub”), where connections are made and a sense of community is developed. There’s a strong focus on the coffee, too, with gourmet beans and fun extras, like Peep lattes served on Easter.

The pub, which was opened in a former furniture store in downtown Savannah in fall 2013, provides community outreach for local artists while serving as a nonprofit ministry of the United Methodist Church. It’s quickly gaining a reputation as a staple among Savannah’s creative community of students and artists, with art-centric events and all profits going back into the space.

“As part of our mission we strive to be a catalyst for community and justice,” owner Rev. Kevin Veitinger says. “We aim to be a safe place share ideas and to be a resource for other nonprofits.”

The Foundery Coffee Pub

The Foundery is becoming known as a popular gathering spot for artists, painters, writers, and many other creative types in Savannah, thanks to a program called The Foundery Arts Conservatory, which offers a spot to showcase local artists’ work in the expansive gallery space. In the evenings, hang around for the “pub” vibe of this neighborhood spot for board games or live music. On Thursdays at 6 pm, local musicians show off their talents at the coffee pub’s open mic nights. Every Friday, artsy types gather for a documentary film showing or an Art March.

The Foundery takes its coffee just as seriously as its role in the arts community. It sources coffee fromCup to Cup Roasters, a Savannah specialty roaster owned by James Spano that produces small-batch coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Costa Rica. In addition, Spano personally offers to train all Foundery baristas on coffee technique.

“The coffee farmers we use make a living wage and pay their workers a living wage,” Veitinger says. “It is also important to me to know that the farmers use sustainable practices and work in harmony with the land.”

Additional information: The shop is open Monday to Saturday, 7 am to 10 pm, and Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

Cup to Cup supplies Foundery Coffee Pub with beans.
Cup to Cup supplies Foundery Coffee Pub with beans.

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