Get Off the Country Roads for the Best Country Cookin’

Take a snowmobile out to the Backcountry Hut.
Take a snowmobile out to the Backcountry Hut. Snowshoe Mountain
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High on Snowshoe Mountain, the Sunrise Backcountry Hut is a gourmet dining experience you have to snowmobile 2 miles into the wild to reach— but it’s worth the adventure.

In the heart of the Monongahela National Forest and high in the Appalachian Mountains, Snowshoe Mountain is famous for its mountaintop village that sits at just shy of 5,000 feet up. It’s got some of the best skiing and vertical drops in the southeast, but the village is busy year-round with world-class dining, outdoor adventures, live music and other events.

Get off the beaten track on a snowmobile (or a Polaris RZR in warmer months) to take in views most other visitors don’t get to see. The reward will be a world-class meal, served up in a rustic but well-equipped cabin that overlooks the surrounding National Forest.

"There are places where you can enjoy a snowmobile or a RZR tour, and there are places where can enjoy a delicious gourmet meal, but there are very few places where you get to enjoy both in one evening," said Shawn Cassell, a PR specialist with Snowshoe Mountain. “You go out to nice dinners fairly often, right? Try something different, and add an exciting twist to your evening.”

Dinner at the hut is a gourmet dining experience.
Dinner at the hut is a gourmet dining experience. Snowshoe Mountain

With all the charm of a country cabin, the Backcountry Hut feels more like someone’s (very nice) mountain home, with collections of antique skis and other odds and ends.

"Don’t underestimate the food on the Hut Dinner Tour," Shawn said. “Some folks automatically assume your average snowmobile adventure guide has limited knowledge in the kitchen, but time and time again we have proven them wrong. Let’s just say the words ‘This is the best steak I’ve ever had’ have been repeated in the Hut more than once…”

Just getting there is a magical experience. You’ll be venturing to one of the highest points in the Mountain State. No doubt there’ll be snow on the mountain ridge, but if you’re lucky, there’ll be snow falling, too. Then you’ll be seated in an intimate table with close friends or strangers-turned-friends, with exposed wood beams above and red wine below, while a renowned chef prepares a feast. It doesn’t get more spellbinding than that.

Make your reservations in advance— the house seats just 20 guests. The trip includes a 4-course dinner prepared on site, with a choice of entrees from ribeyes to portobellos, dessert, and beer and wine.

If you’d like the night to yourself, you can even spend the night out at the tranquil Backcountry Hut.

Uncover this culinary gem on Snowshoe Mountain.

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