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The Creature Comforts Brewing Co. brand is quintessentially known for “Craving Curiosity.” Ever since their doors opened in the spring of 2014, the brewery has been peerlessly setting the bar for providing exceptional service and refreshing beer in the Athens community. Creature Comforts offers out-of-the-ordinary year round and limited release draughts five days a week at its sleek and inviting tasting room.

Speaking of which, the brewery tasting room is conveniently located in historic downtown Athens next to countless other bars, restaurants, and music venues. It is a 13,000 square foot space that was formerly home to an old Chevy dealership in the 1940's and then a Snow Tire Company warehouse after that. When the Creature Comforts founders first got their hands on the place, it was in horrible disrepair, but rather than start from scratch, they did an excellent job of reclaiming bits and pieces of the old warehouse and using them in the newly realized grand vision. The result? A brewery full of character with reclaimed wood bar tops, tables, and wall paneling, and a shining example of urban rehabilitation that delivers a unique Athens experience.

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The tour and event manager, Katie Beauchamp, says, “Visitors really love the relaxed vibe of our tasting room, taking educational tours of the brewery and sampling our beer.”

You can enjoy a behind the scenes tour during your visit, or hang out with friends amongst the freshly arranged flowers, oak barrel tables, and 100% reclaimed woodwork finishing. In fact, their delicately spiced amber ale Reclaimed Rye, one of only four year round beers served on tap, is named in honor of the woodwork which gives Creature Comforts its historic integrity. You can also try the juicy Tropicalia American IPA, the tarty Berliner Weisse Athena, or the smooth Bibo Pilsner.

While all of these brews are worth multiple tastings, the real fun comes with limited release draughts. Every Tuesday, Creature Comforts kicks off their week with “Curious Tuesday.” This is a weekly event that offers one unique keg that infuses new flavors into their standard beers. The keg is announced over social media each Tuesday and quite often, the keg runs out within the evening. Some notables from the past include the Tritonia Gose, Koko Buni Milk Porter with chocolate and coffee tones, the gnarly 11% ABV Stout Project #1, and the blond American Brett Ale with kiwi and pineapple. The Brett Ale actually won the bronze medal at the Great American Beer Festival last year when the brewery was no more than six months old. And though there's something bittersweet about these limited-time-only brews, some solace can be found in the realization that Curious Tuesday releases are weekly events that always provide high caliber beer with unique twists.

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With these traditions and more, Creature Comforts constantly seeks to go beyond common beer expectations in favor of something a little more curious and creative.

The brewery hosts numerous events, including Industry Night where they give free pint glasses and beer to any local service employee; Jazz Night, where they support local and student artwork and music performances; and of course, the ever-popular Curious Tuesdays.

Creature Comforts has rather seamlessly become a local staple in the Athens community. During tour hours you can often see people studying, playing with dogs, relaxing after a long day of work, or having that first drink before a night out on the town. And with three beers to be canned in Atlanta this spring, the brewery is only expanding its horizons for more people to enjoy its good vibes and award-winning beer.

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