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Antidote coffee reflects the new Houston. This isn’t just a roughneck oiler’s town, nor is it only the “Dirty South.” Sure, everyone knows these facts, but few realize just how cultured, sophisticated, and socially aware Houston really is. The Heights area is the epicenter of Houston, and even though it’s sort of on the suburban edge of the area, Antidote coffee is the go-to place for many Heights locals who need their caffeine fix before starting (or after ending) their day’s work in graphic design, writing, music production, postmodern architecture, or social work. But the nice thing is that Antidote maintains its cool without abandoning its local roots, and doesn’t give off a vibe that says they’re too cool for Houston.

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Downtown Houston Ed Uthman

Antidote is a small, relatively quiet place. It’s cozy, but not cramped. The interior of their small building is opened up with today’s vintage-modernist warehouse style, with air ducts exposed and original brick walls, but it’s not so barren or minimalist as to be cold and sterile like some new hip places can be. The seating and tables are mostly thrift-type finds, and the décor features vintage local Houston musicians’ album covers and other warm-feeling art.

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Most important, Antidote has a great drink menu, which includes a full selection of coffees, teas, and even some really good food, beer, and wine. Their coffee is consistently good, with their medium roast being a regular favorite. One of their signature coffees is a Cajeta Latte with caramelized goat milk, so you’ll instantly realize this isn’t some local Starbucks wannabe…it’s all original. They also have a full espresso bar. Other big favorites are their pots of tea. Their selection varies, but they have all the old standbys as well as really fine, unique loose-leaf blends.

Although coffee and teas are obviously the stars here, their beer and wine menu is good too, especially since it includes local brew selections. Their food is a good option, not the highlight, but includes standard fares like salads and sandwiches for lunch and late-night snacks, as well as granola and other breakfast items.

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Another unique thing that Antidote offers is kombucha, which is perfectly refreshing for hot Houston days or nights, and goes great while sitting outside on their patio. Plus, their hand-made Italian sodas and smoothies are a great refreshing find if you’re looking for a cold drink. Additionally, Antidote offers products from the local Fat Cat creamery, including some of the best ice cream you’ll find in Texas. These sweet treats compliment their selection of other glutinous indulgences like pastries, cookies, and other desserts.

All in all, Antidote Coffee is the place to go if you are visiting Houston, staying in town, and looking for a great local coffee shop that reflects the latest in Houston culture.

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