A Spectator's Guide to RiverRocks 2015: Week 3

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If you’ve never heard of RiverRocks, this is the year for a change. October marks the 6th year of the festival in the Scenic City, and there’s something for everyone whether you plan to participate in an athletic event or spectate, listen to music, or watch a film. If you choose one of the signature athletic events, plan to see amateur and elite athletes facing the challenges of the terrain and each other. Whatever your interest, whatever you put on your schedule, plan to be inspired. This guide to RiverRocks is designed to help you plan your time during one of the best months to live and play in Chattanooga.

Week 3

Reel Rock Tour 

Friday / October 16 / IMAX Theater Downtown Chattanooga / 6:00pm

Reel Rock 9

The Reel Rock Tour brings “Valley Uprising” to downtown Chattanooga. The IMAX Movie Theater on Broad Street opens its doors at 6:00pm so you can hang out, drink a pint, and chat with some friends until 7:30 when the movie begins. You won’t want to miss the highly acclaimed tribute to Yosemite’s larger-than-life climbing revolution during the 1970s, and inside looks at the climbers who put the sport on the cultural map.

Triple Crown Bouldering Competition

Saturday /  October 17 / Stone Fort Bouldering Field / 9:30am   

The beauty of bouldering
The beauty of bouldering Allessandro Valli

Head to Stone Fort for the Triple Crown Bouldering Competition on Saturday morning at 9:30. Come climb, watch other climbers, or simply hang out and browse the vendor booths, toss the frisbee, or take a nap in a sunny golf fairway. The vendor fair is amazing, especially when you see all the sponsors that this event has to offer, and there’s music and food and a general great time to be had. Be sure to follow the signs and park in the climber parking, which is labeled and located on the far side of the parking lot.

7 Bridges Marathon

Saturday / October 17 Expo and Sunday October 18 run / Downtown Chattanooga / 7:00am

The 7 Bridges Marathon is a fantastic event, whether spectating or competing
The 7 Bridges Marathon is a fantastic event, whether spectating or competing Greg Gelmis

You’ll want to check out the Vendor Expo which starts at 12:00pm on Saturday in Coolidge Park, where Fast Break Athletics and other vendors create a big race feel for the 2000+ runners who visit Chattanooga for a one-of-a-kind marathon experience. The sun will just be coming up Sunday morning when runners start the 7 Bridges Marathon. As runners make their way through beautiful downtown Chattanooga and its bridges and Riverwalk, spectators have multiple access points for viewing and walking to observe runner.


Saturday / October 17 / Downtown Chattanooga

Roof Top Hop

After a day spent playing, competing, or spectating, it’s time to share stories with friends. Arguably Chattanooga’s party of the year, the  ROOFTOP HOP  wants you to eat, drink, mingle, hop, and repeat. Hop to 4 amazing rooftop parties on a fall evening and enjoy incredible views of Chattanooga from above, delicious food, and cocktails. After hopping around town, the evening’s main event is live music atop the Citipark Garage. Ticket prices  vary, and the proceeds go to Green|Spaces .

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