A Conversation with Ragnar Relay Racer Lisa Logan

Lisa Logan and the rest of Team Caroline
Lisa Logan and the rest of Team Caroline Ragnar Relay Series
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Lisa Logan and four of her teammates are participating in this year's Ragnar Relay for the 4th time. Over the years a few people have come and gone from their team, but this core group of five has stuck together the whole time.

Here, we sat down with Lisa to discuss why she thinks the Tennessee Ragnar Relay is such a special event.

How will the weeks leading into Ragnar Relay look for your members in terms of their training?

With the cooler weather coming with fall, our excitement grows and we become even more dedicated in our training and anticipation for the event. Our team of eight has a busy several weeks leading up to the event. Everyone lives in the Chattanooga area and enjoys the many outdoor events that Chattanooga offers year round. Two of us, Rich Graham and Jeff Keith, will be running the IRONMAN Chattanooga. Dianna Leun and I are busy training for the Chickamauga Marathon, which is two weeks after Ragnar. We also plan to run in the races hosted by the Chattanooga Track Club such as the Raccoon Mountain Round 10K and the JMHC Pumpkin Run 10K in the weeks leading into Ragnar.

Nothing quite like completing a Ragnar Relay with your closest friends
Nothing quite like completing a Ragnar Relay with your closest friends AngryJulieMonday

Will you be busy planning and preparing the Thursday night before the relay starts or do you have other plans?

The 3 Sisters Music Festival is on our list of activities to enjoy in Chattanooga. Some of us will have dinner together, others will show up the morning at the start.

If you’re planning a pre-event celebration the night before, what do you have to get ready earlier in the week or in the weeks preceding Ragnar’s start?

We get together a couple of evenings in the last few weeks before Ragnar and we and make final plans such as purchasing food and doing a gear check. Ragnar requires a safety vest for everyone, a minimum of 4 head lamps, and 4 safety lights for night time running. The night before the race, after 3 Sisters we’ll be up late decorating the van with the Team Caroline logo and beginning the good natured aggravation of each other that gets us pumped about our 30 hours of running from Chattanooga to Nashville. This is our true psychological training for our Ragnar motto, which is “run, drive, sleep, repeat—well not really sleep.”

You’ve indicated everyone on the team is committed to the charity you raise money for. Is this year significant in any way or equally important to previous years?

As friends of Chet and his family, we all feel a commitment to help honor Caroline’s memory. She would have turned nine just a few days before my own daughter’s ninth birthday so it’s a reminder every year to cherish what we have in life and to support others as best we can. The team’s goal this year is to raise $10,000. We’re all really excited.

Is there anything we didn’t ask you about your team that you’d like to share?

We have a driver, a ninth team member, willing to chauffeur us, listen to us, and most impressive of all, smell us!

His name is Sam Plottel and we greatly appreciate his endurance behind the wheel. There’s no way we could have the fun we have without him!

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