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The Snow Mountain Wilderness is a great weekend destination that offers plenty of trails, refreshingly high elevations, and gorgeous vistas.


50.0 miles

50 total miles of trails

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112.4 miles


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2 days

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The Snow Mountain Wilderness, located in the Mendocino National Forest, is a 60,000-acre federally designated wilderness area. Backpackers and campers can explore more than 50 miles of trails that climb above 6,000 feet and reach two summits that are both over 7,000 feet.

What Makes It Great

For the hiker, the 9.5-mile Milk Ranch Loop is a popular trek. The trail meanders through wide mountain meadows, red fir forests thick enough to shade the trail, and through a landscape that offers the best possible views of Snow Mountain. Some of the landscape is recovering from a wildfire near Fouts Springs and you will be able to see amazing regeneration. Water can be scarce, so don't forget to pack your own, and be sure to sign in at the visitors' center, as this is advised for all hikers. Backpackers and hikers who keep an eye out may catch a glimpse of a black bear, mountain lion or a rattlesnake. In most cases, it's best to simply maintain your distance. Click here for more information

Who is Going to Love It

The wilderness here is remote and is an excellent place for backpackers who want to get away from the crowds. It's a peaceful destination good for experienced hikers and backpackers. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

The Snow Mountain Wilderness can be access west of the town of Stonyford along road M10 in the Mendocino National Forest. Visit the Mendocino National Forest Page here for more information.  

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Snow Mountain Wilderness

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