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  • 3 Small Town Escapes Near New York City That Are Perfect for Road Running

  • Your Complete Guide to Staying Active in NYC This Holiday Season

  • The Lemon Squeezer: New York City's Most Technical Trail

  • 5 Best Spots for a Post-Workout Brunch in New York

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  1. 10 Iconic Autumn Adventures in the Northeast

    From peak bagging to sea kayaking, here are 10 Northeastern autumn adventures not to be missed.

  2. A Quick and Dirty Guide to Visiting Morocco

    From colorful cities bursting with culture, to off-the-grid mountain adventures, here's a quick hit list of things to do and places to see in Morocco.

  3. Hiking the Kerry Way: A 130-Mile Footpath Through the Irish Countryside

    Passing through quaint villages and endless emerald hillsides, the Kerry Way is Ireland's most incredible hiking trail. Here's why you should hike it.

  4. How to Thru-Hike the 133-Mile Northville-Placid Trail

    Planning a thru-hike of the Northville-Placid Trail? Here's your guide to Adirondack Park's most epic and all-encompassing footpath.

  5. The Legend of Yellow-Yellow: New York's Most Infamous Bear

    Known for her uncanny ability to steal backpacks and open bear canisters like a human, this is the story of Yellow-Yellow (and how her legacy still lives on).

  6. 24 Hours in Brooklyn: An Outsider's Guide to a Day of Urban Adventure

    If you're wondering how to spend an unforgettable day in Brooklyn, let this be your guide.

  7. How to Find the Outdoors as a New Yorker

    Finding places to go outdoors near NYC (especially without a car) can be tough. Here's a roundup of a few must-do trails accessible via public transportation.

  8. A Crash Course in Adirondack Herd Paths

    To reach the highest points in the Adirondacks, don't expect a trail. Here's your guide to the Adirondack Herd Paths.

  9. A Sit Down with Maddie Miller: The 21-Year-Old State Highpoint Speed Record Holder

    For most college seniors, their last summer of undergrad is a chance to relax and get ready for adult life but 21-year-old Maddie Miller isn’t most college students.

  10. The 10 Best Day Hikes in the Adirondack High Peaks

    Upstate New York’s Adirondacks are home to 46 “High Peaks” that make up a cherished and historic list. Here are the 10 all-around best for day hiking.

  11. Ancient History Above the Hudson: The Story Behind New Jersey's Palisades Interstate Park

    Fresh air, stunning vistas, and 200 million-year-old rock beds make Palisades Interstate Park a must see for athletes and geologists alike.

  12. The Best Trail to Tavern Pairings in New York City

    Finding world-class taverns and bars in NYC is easy. It's finding the trails, which can sometimes be the challenging part. Here are five tried and tested trail-to-tavern experiences to check out.

  13. Beat the Heat: Best Swimming Spots in New York

    Rope swings, hidden hikes, and even covered bridges: Some of the best swimmings spots in New York are unique ways to beat the heat.

  14. 5 Best Outdoor First Dates in NYC

    New York City is a magical place for those looking to date, but while all the others crowd into restaurants and bars, here are 5 open air suggestions that will get you a second date.

  15. Top 10 Hikes Around New York City

    The best hikes in the New York City area offer a wilderness sanctuary in contrast to the busy city streets.

  16. Devil's Path East: New York City's Most Epic Backpacking Trip

    The 16-mile Devil’s Path East, located two hours from NYC in the Catskills region, is said to be the hardest trail of the east coast.

  17. The Lemon Squeezer: New York City's Most Technical Trail

    The Lemon Squeezer trail presents a variety of terrain and views that feel worlds away from New York City.

  18. Beyond Manhattan—New York City's 4 Best Island Running Routes

    The four best island running routes in New York for big views and smaller crowds are just a walk or ferry ride away from Manhattan.

  19. 5 Best Spots for a Post-Workout Brunch in New York

    Brunch in New York is a time-honored tradition, from Manhattanite Sex and the City enthusiasts to Brooklyn’s extensive hipster population—because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good brunch?

  20. Where to Have a Weekend Camping Getaway near NYC

    Even if you're working the 9 to 5 grind in NYC, you can still escape the city for a weekend camping getaway near NYC. Here's how.

  21. The Best Beaches of New York City

    Even if you can't get away from the city this summer, you can still enjoy a beach vacation by visiting these beaches in New York City.

  22. Your Guide to Weekend Hiking near New York City

    From easily accessible trails near the city to farther out destinations, here is a guide to some of the best hiking near New York City.

  23. The Nature Sanctuaries of New York: 6 Easy Escapes

    Discover the city's softer side at the nature sanctuaries of New York. Pockets of marshes, woodland forests, and meadows offer an easy escape.

  24. 3 Small Town Escapes Near New York City That Are Perfect for Road Running

    For New York City runners looking for a break from the concrete routine, here are some small town escapes that offer no crowds and new scenery, guaranteed.

  25. How to Keep Running in New York City Even in Winter

    When done right, winter running in NYC can be a great workout and fun pre-season boost. The secret is using group energy to stay on track.

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