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For Los Angelenos, maybe the best and easiest place to surf voyage is the central coast of California (maybe besides Baja California that is).

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Surfing in Los Angeles is a fun adventure to say the least. The water is warm in the summertime and all through the fall. You are close to one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the world. There are not many places where you can surf and be in the mix some of the great cultural pieces a city like LA has to offer. Los Angeles does all of these things, and more. Sometimes though, Los Angeles can get tedious. The crowds can be overwhelming, the waves, lackluster. In the life of every surfer there comes a time to take your surfboard and take a journey.

What Makes It Great

For Los Angelenos, maybe the best and easiest place to surf voyage is the central coast of California (maybe besides Baja California that is). Central Coastal California is one of the many surf meccas you can find in this great state. A good spot to stop here is Morro Bay. Morro Bay is a little town (or it seems that way if you are coming from Los Angeles of San Francisco) that sits on the coast about halfway between those two big California cities and is surf crazy. People love it here, and it comes out in their surfing. Without trying to stereotype too hard, this place demonstrates with much greater proficiency what it means to be a good sport about the sport of surfing. In so many words, people are just nicer here.

The most popular spot in town is Morro Rock. The Rock, a 581 foot volcanic deposited wonder sits at the entrance of Morro Bay Harbor and offers a unique natural geographic landmark to ensure good surf at this spot and safe seas in the harbor. Remember, look but don’t touch. This rock is beautiful to look at but illegal to try to climb on.

The beach break is incredibly wide, offering lots of different waves for the crowds to enjoy. So yes, there are often crowds but for some reason they seem less formidable than their LA counterparts. Paddle out directly next to the rock and you will feel the rip current “conveyor belt” that will zoom you outside of the break with minimal effort. Spend the day here, and as is good advice when you first ride any new spot, make sure to watch the locals before you drop in both to respectfully take your turn, and to understand how the wave breaks.

If you are a camper, there are a few awesome State Park Campgrounds in the area in Morro bay State Park and Montana de Oro State Park a little ways south. Check 'em out!

Who is Going to Love It

It is difficult to recommend a surf spot without knowing how big the wave is, so check the surf report before you paddle out and if it seems like it is too big or small for you, you can find somewhere else. Having said that, this place is a great choice for the surf explorer who is looking to leave LA for a quick stint.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Start on Highway 1 North to Morro Bay and take the Main Street Exit. Take a right on Beach Street, and then another right on Embarcadero and continue until you see a large parking lot on the left. Parking is all free. 

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Morro Bay Surfing

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