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The beauty of the ocean should not be restricted to those who have been able to learn how to stand up on a board and glide on waves.

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The beauty of the ocean should not be restricted to those who have been able to learn how to stand up on a board and glide on waves. It is an untapped and powerful force that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. Studies show that the brain’s activity when a person puts their toes in the ocean is similar to the activity shown when they see a loved one after a long hiatus. The power of waves is immense and can be appreciated by people even if they do not have access to a surfboard. So, if you do not have a surfboard, grab a boogie board and hit Santa Monica beach!

What Makes It Great

The beach at Santa Monica is a special place both for its historical relevance and for its sheer beauty. It is hard to believe that this pristine beach can actually be located at the western edge of the second largest city in one of the largest nations in the world. The massive industrial east coast behemoth cities do not have this amazing at its edge, no this is something that LA and a few other special places in this country (Miami?) can brag.

Buy a boogie board at any of the many oceanfront shops and run out to the ocean. The boogie board may not make you look as objectively “cool” as you would with a surfboard but you will still have plenty of fun. The beach is wide enough to not have a problem finding your own space for the most part. Go down to the area around lifeguard tower 23 and find the best waves. The best time to enjoy this is right as the sun sets. If you find yourself in the ocean as the red, orange and yellow sun sets you will experience a certain form of ecstasy.

Who is Going to Love It

Anyone who loves two things, swimming, and the ocean is going to love boogie boarding at Santa Monica beach. For the most part, the waves are pretty manageable, but please be careful, and ask a local expert if the waves look at all menacing as there is always a danger when entering the ocean.

**Note: If you have a surfboard, of course you can surf. You will most likely have an awesome time.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

anta Monica may be the easiest place to get to in LA (if you do not mind sitting in a little bit of traffic). Interstate 10 (“The 10”) is perhaps the largest freeway in the city and anchors its western end essentially on the Santa Monica Beach. To get to the beach, park anywhere you can in Santa Monica. If you are able to find a spot that is near the southern part of Santa Monica, you are more likely to find a place with no meters. Due to the amazing democratization of the beach, there are no fees besides parking! Anyone can go and stay as long as they want.

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Boogie Boarding at Santa Monica Beach

2000 Ocean Ave
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