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Melton Hill Park has something for everyone. With scenic nature trails and access to the Clinch River, there are plenty of recreational activities on offer at this family-friendly park.

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2.0 miles

There are several short loops, adding up to about 2 miles worth of trails.

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16.2 miles


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1 hours


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Melton Hill Park



Talk about a place that has it all, Melton Hill Park is definitely worth checking out! Within its 112 acres, you'll find a great mixture of nature trails, paved paths, and accessible waterways. 

What Makes It Great

First, the nature trails.... There are about 2 miles of well maintained trails that weave in and around Melton Hill's meadows and forests. These are great for hikers and trail runners alike. You can amble up and down the rolling meadows and then enter the woods and run parallel with the Clinch River on a stretch of scenic shoreline. These trails are easy on the legs, and the natural surroundings are easy on the eye. 

The paved paths at Melton Hill aren't much to write home about, but they provide a good opportunity to extend your run or walk. This half-mile paved loop is also a good access point to the more family oriented recreational spots in the park: like the playground, volleyball courts, and picnic areas. 

If you want to do some paddling, there are two boat ramps where you can put in. If you want to fish, there's a pier from where you can cast your lines. Even if you are not using the park for boating or fishing, the riverside here is fantastic. During the summer months nothing is better than spending time on the trails and finishing your day with a dip in the river. Although a little bit out of town, this park is absolutely worth a trip if you have never been or are looking for a new riverside park to make your favorite. 

Who is Going to Love It

All in all, Melton Hill Park is a great option for everybody: from hardcore trail runners to active families. The several miles of trails here make the park most suited for people looking to get a quick hike or trail run in, but anyone would enjoy exploring what the park has to offer. If you enjoy time outside it is worth your time.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Williams Bend Road dead ends into the park, so finding parking is no worry. There are two boat launch sites, one on either side of the peninsula. Each of these gives equal access to the river.

Trailheads and paths are well marked and are found near the boat launch areas and along the main road.

Melton Hill Park is open from dawn to dusk.

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Melton Hill Park

3230 Williams Bend Rd
Knoxville, TN, 37932
35.948422, -84.234505

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