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The Swallow Loop makes a great little escape from the city when you're short on time.

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Aaron Bible


1.2 miles

Destination Distance From Downtown

14.8 miles


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Time To Complete

1 hours

The loop is only 1.2 miles, so you can repeat the loop several times or connect to one of the other trails at the park.


Spring, Fall, and Winter

Dog Friendly

On Leash Only

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A mere 20-30 minute drive from downtown Denver, here’s a quick hit for your hiking bucket list. This hike garners an 'Easy' rating by most standards and makes a great little escape from the city when you’re short on time. In the summer, plan to go in the early-ish morning or later in the afternoon, as the area is exposed, and the sun and open spaces at this elevation can get hot. You’ve got a high probability of seeing elk, rattlesnake, mule deer and other wildlife, especially in the morning and evening hours.

What Makes It Great

The area is known as South Valley Park, in Littleton (Jefferson County), and offers a sense of wildness not found near most metropolitan areas. Here, we’re recommending the Swallow Loop that includes the Swallow Trail and Coyote Song Trail. Park in the obvious parking area and find the southern end with signs to the Swallow Trail, which you’ll hit for just a tenth of a mile. There will be a junction (bear left in this case) then a quick left on the Coyote Song trail (north).

The spires, monoliths and walls of the “Lyons” and “Fountain” Formations will be your trailmate for a little under a mile as you make your way back to your waiting vehicle. There’s also the Grazing Elk loop here to extend the journey.

Who is Going to Love It

This is a must-do hikes for geology buffs.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

For a map and directions, visit the South Valley Park website.

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Swallow Loop, South Valley Park

90 South Valley Road
Littleton, CO, 80127
39.564911, -105.153986

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