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  1. 4 Reasons Alta is a Great Place for a Family Ski Vacation

    Salt Lake City

    The Alta Ski Area may be famous for its steep and deep powder snow and challenging runs for expert skiers, but it's also perfect for downhill family adventures with plenty of intermediate and beginner terrain and easy access from Salt Lake City.

  2. 3 Days in Alta: The Perfect Long Weekend Getaway

    Salt Lake City

    Alta is known for its incredible snow—more than 500 inches a year—and relaxed atmosphere. Here's how to spend three days at one of Utah's top ski destinations.

  3. 5 Reasons to You Must Visit Beaver County Next Summer


    Beaver County, Utah, is known for its twisting scenic drives, abandoned ghost towns, and plenty of solitude. Get off the highway and explore this unique part of the state.

  4. 5 Must-Do Outdoor Adventures in Beaver County


    About a three hour drive from Salt Lake City, Utah, Beaver County is an adventurer’s paradise with natural wonders and experiences that match the best of Utah’s iconic national parks.