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  1. 8 Can’t Miss Outdoor Events Around Atlanta this Fall


    Take advantage of these 8 great outdoor events around Atlanta this fall, which feature running, cycling and paddling.

  2. A Guide to the Adventurous Side of Stone Mountain


    Stone Mountain Georgia is more than just a tourist attraction. Take advantage of the park for hiking, running, biking and paddling.

  3. Unveiling the Hidden Gems of the Georgia State Park System


    From rarely-visited waterfalls to old moonshine stills, to secret jail houses and bald eagle nests, here are some of the most hidden gems of the Georgia State Parks system.

  4. Reel Rock Tour Brings “Valley Uprising” to Atlanta


    The Reel Rock Film Tour stopped in Chattanooga just last week, and now it’s time for Atlanta to get its share of this worldwide film tour. This year’s documentary, Valley Uprising: Yosemite’s Rock Climbing Revolution

  5. Service Brewing Company

    Service Brewing Company provides craft beer in Savannah and tribute to service members all over the world.

  6. SUP Summer Escape Atlanta


    The best places to learn and enjoy SUP, or stand-up paddleboarding, in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

  7. The Foundery Coffee Pub

    The Foundery Coffee Pub is Savannah's public house for artists, writers, and designers.

  8. The Most Epic and Beautiful Trail Races in Georgia


    After running in hundreds of epic trail races around the world, Sean Blanton now organizes the the most stunning trail runs in Georgia.

  9. The Public Kitchen and Bar

    Approachability meets upscale southern cuisine at Savannah's The Public Kitchen and Bar

  10. The Yeti NIGHTmare: Yet Another Reason to Love this Fun-Loving Running Group


    The Yeti Trail Runners host some of the best (and most fun) trail runs in the Southeast, including the annual Yeti NIGHTMARE, due to be held on March 8, 2015.

  11. 5 Ways to Explore Georgia and Help the Georgia Conservancy


    From paddling weekends to day trips in Atlanta, the Georgia Conservancy offers opportunities to visit the wild places it helps preserve.

  12. Why You Should Attend the Atlanta Cycling Festival


    From June 13 to June 20, 2015, the annual Atlanta Cycling Festival will return to the city, offering local cyclists all sorts of fun.

  13. Hike the 5 Most Scenic Balds in North Carolina and Georgia


    Hiking these scenic balds — mountains in the Southeast with no tree cover — can be challenging, but the reward at the top can't be beat.

  14. Savannah's Ogeechee Riverkeeper

    Savannah's Ogeechee Riverkeeper is responsible for protecting hundreds of miles of river in south Georgia.

  15. Toccoa River- Paddling


    This 10-mile portion of the Toccoa River covers most of the Toccoa River Canoe Trail, while also adding in some Class II rapids.

  16. How to Enjoy the Beltline, Atlanta’s Most Popular Pedestrian Byway


    Atlanta’s Beltline trail may get crowded, but it offers a unique, traffic-free resource for city dwellers to explore parks and neighborhoods.

  17. 3 Scenic Atlanta Paddles


    These Atlanta paddles are perfect for autumn views, moderate water and memorable adventures.

  18. 4 Must-Do Paddling Events Near Atlanta


    The Atlanta area is home to some of the best paddling in the country. Here are 4 upcoming events to take advantage of the local resources.

  19. 5 North Georgia Waterfalls to Visit This Summer


    Home to ample rainfall, steep and rugged terrain, and free-flowing streams, the North Georgia region is home to some spectacular waterfalls.

  20. 6 Must-Do Trail Runs Around Atlanta This Fall


    Enjoy the brilliant fall colors with these trail runs around Atlanta featuring routes for both hard-core runners and first-time off-roaders.

  21. 7 Reasons Why Atlanta is an Awesome City for Outdoor Lovers


    While many people consider Atlanta to be a concrete jungle, it's actually a city that's brimming with awesome outdoor destinations.

  22. A Conversation with Bubba Sloan, Atlanta's Father of the Outdoors


    Bubba Sloan, the founder of High Country Outfitters in Atlanta, talks about stand-up paddleboarding and his love of the outdoors.

  23. Beat the Urban Heat


    During the summer, the Atlanta heat can be totally stifling. It's times like these when running seems like the most grueling thing on earth, but here are 4 shady runs to escape the sun.

  24. Georgia’s Full Spectrum of Fall Color


    The fall leaves in Georgia seem to take their sweet time, waiting until the end of October and early November to flourish. But once they do, bursting into a brilliant spectrum of yellow, orange and red, we Georgians are granted a seasonal show which rivals that of New England.

  25. Give the Gift of an Atlanta Outdoor Experience


    Instead of giving a friend gear this holiday season, why not give them an actual outdoor experience? Here are some ideas for the outdoorsmen in your life.