Jesse Weber

Knoxville, Salt Lake City

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  1. Clear Creek Overnighter - White Water Paddling


    Spend a weekend drifting through the untamed backwoods of Tennessee on Clear Creek, a hidden gem of the Cumberlands.

  2. Devil's Race Track - Climbing


    Breaking free of the typical Tennessee climbing experience, Devil's Race Track towers above the treetops of Cumberland Mountain. Airy sport and traditional routes on huge fins of coarse sandstone offer thrilling exposure and panoramic views.

  3. Admiral Farragut Park - Disc Golf


    West Knoxville's friendly 9-hole disc golf course along the water.

  4. Oak Ridge - Disc Golf


    Visit Oak Ridge for a stacked set of fun disc golf courses

  5. Victor Ashe Park - Disc Golf


    Knoxville's largest disc golf course, and a great all-around park. Victor Ashe is one of the best parks in Knoxville, hands down!

  6. The Architecture and Construction of Temple Square

    Salt Lake City

    Utah's majestic Temple Square is an architectural marvel, showcasing some of the most incredible buildings in the west.