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Lexington, Tiptonville, Bardstown

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  1. The Fascinating Story of Kentucky Bend: A Barely-Inhabited, Isolated Piece of the State Cut-Off By a Curve in the Mississippi River


    This sparse and serene landscape is as remote as an island, and to get here you have to mean it.

  2. 48 Hours in the Bourbon Capital of the World


    Reputed to be one of the most beautiful small towns in America, Bardstown will keep you busy visiting distilleries, enjoying local restaurants, and relaxing in an historic inn or quaint bed and breakfast.

  3. 6 Historic (and Spooky) Places to Visit in Bardstown, Kentucky


    Rumors of hauntings in old mansions and abandoned jails make this southern town a real gem for ghost hunters and thrill-seekers.

  4. A Guide to Kentucky's 3 Largest Cities: What to See & Do in Each


    Visit Louisville to get your fix of funky, head over to Lexington for a creative twist on American cuisine, and check out the metropolitan area south of Cincinnati to find international restaurants and breweries around every corner.

  5. Barren River Lake State Resort Park - Camping


    Barren Lake State Resort Park is picturesque and scenic, with enough boating, swimming and kayaking to keep you on the water. The serene, rustic woodland cottages overlooking the lake shores and grassy hills let you watch the sun set over the water.

  6. AJ Jolly Park - Camping


    A.J. Jolly Park offers a lakeside camping experience with easy access to hiking, kayaking, and boating. Guests stay in primitive or deluxe sites, enjoying serene views of the lake and surrounding forest.

  7. Natural Bridge Resort State Park - Camping


    Natural Bridge State Resort Park camping is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts in the heart of the lushly forested Eastern Kentucky mountains, with 87 campsites and ample hiking, plus its iconic Natural Bridge rock arch.