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  1. Conservation and Recreation: What Alta is Doing to Remain a World-Class Ski Destination

    Salt Lake City

    Focusing on a number of environmental initiatives, Alta is taking steps to ensure that skiers can enjoy its world-famous powder for generations to come.

  2. The Fascinating Story Behind Wheeler Geologic Area

    Denver, Durango, Telluride

    Tucked into a hidden valley below the crest of the La Garita Mountains, Wheeler Geologic Area is an enchanting city of volcanic rocks that surprisingly sees only fifteen visitors per day. Here's why you should visit.

  3. 6 Reasons Why Kanab is a World-Class Destination for Outdoor Lovers


    Kanab, Utah, located just across the border from Arizona, is surrounded by three iconic national parks, five national monuments, a national recreation area, and a several state parks that make this a must-visit spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

  4. 7 Family-Friendly Outdoor Adventures in Logan


    Utah's Logan Valley offers visitors miles of hiking and biking trails, horseback riding, water sports, fly fishing, and other outdoor opportunities for the whole family.

  5. 9 Must-Do Outdoor Adventures in Davis County


    Just north of Salt Lake City, Davis County, Utah is filled with memorable outdoor experiences that make it the perfect location for a summer getaway.

  6. The Most Scenic Spots to Catch a Sunset in Davis County


    With the Great Salt Lake to the west, Davis County, Utah, is filled with memorable sports to watch the sun descend into the water. Here are some of our favorites.

  7. 7 Reasons You Must Visit Davis County, Utah, Next Summer


    Davis County, Utah, is filled with outdoor adventures, hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and amusement parks that make it a great summer destination.

  8. A Guide to Getting on the Water in Grand Junction

    Grand Junction

    The Colorado River Corridor, offering loads of fun for rafters, kayakers, canoeists, and stand-up paddlers, is an ideal place to visit during the hot summer months.

  9. The 5 Best Scenic Drives in Southern Utah


    Southern Utah is filled with cliff-lined gorges, forested plateaus, twisting slot canyons, and rainbow-tinted badlands that make for an unforgettable drive. Here are five of the best routes to explore the region.

  10. Discovering the Scenic Byways of Moab


    The town of Moab, Utah, is surrounded by a sense of limitless space. On these spectacular drives in the area, you'll find unworldly scenery that offers long views, a rainbow of colors, dazzling sunsets, and unforgettable canyons.

  11. Why You Should Buy Your Alta Season Ski Pass Now

    Salt Lake City

    There may be no snow in sight, but now is the time to get the best deals for skiing at Alta this winter.

  12. Northgate Peaks Trail

    This family-friendly hike offers expansive views of Zion and makes for an excellent summer route due to its high elevation.

  13. Eagle Crags Trail

    Stunning views of Zion National Park can be had along this beautiful out-and-back hike.

  14. Grafton Trail

    Discover and explore the ghost town of Grafton along this easy out-and-back hike through open country with beautiful views of cliffs, pastures, and orchards.

  15. East Rim Trail

    This challenging trail has steep ascents and descents, and promises beautiful views along the eastern rim of Zion Canyon.

  16. An Insider's Guide to the Million Dollar Highway


    Southwest Colorado's Million Dollar Highway, a designated All-American Byway, is one of the state’s must-do scenic drives with mile after mile of eye-popping scenery.