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Santa Barbara, Greater Palm Springs

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  1. What's the Best Beach for You in Santa Barbara?

    Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara has so many beautiful beaches to choose from, how do you decide which one suits you best? Here's a guide to finding the beach beach for you, whether you're interested in swimming, surfing, catching the sunset, entertaining, or just chilling.

  2. How to Have the Perfect Trip to Channel Islands National Park (and Why You Should)

    Santa Barbara

    The Channel Islands National Park, located just off the coast of Santa Barbara, Calif., is filled with scenic beauty and an abundance of opportunities for adventure.

  3. 10 Must-Do Adventures in the Santa Barbara Outdoors

    Santa Barbara

    With towering mountains, deep canyons, thick forests, and pristine beaches, Santa Barbara is a haven for outdoor adventurers.

  4. The Desert Adventure Bucket List: 9 Challenges in the 9 Cities of Greater Palm Springs

    Greater Palm Springs

    Enjoy the rugged landscapes and desert vistas at these nine trails, oases, and preserves to explore surrounding Palm Springs, Calif.

  5. Where to Lace up the Shoes and Go for a Run in Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara

    Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains with a mild year-round climate, this resort town has no shortage of running spots and resources for visiting runners.

  6. 7 Toughest Outdoor Adventures in Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara

    Ultraruns, triathlons, and rock climbing are just some of the outdoor adventures available in Santa Barbara to put any athlete to the test.

  7. How to Max Your Weekend in Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara

    Nestled between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara offers a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy—all within 30 minutes of downtown. It’s the perfect weekend getaway for efficiently cramming in as many adventures as possible.