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  1. A Different Type of Heli-Skiing: Heli-Accessed Ski Touring in British Columbia


    For the adventurous powder skier or splitboarder who’s operating on a (relative) budget and doesn’t mind earning their turns, heli-accessed ski touring is a unique experience for the life list.

  2. How to Travel Around the Maldives on Just $100 a Day


    This idyllic island country is notoriously expensive, but with some planning and legwork, you can enjoy an adventure-filled trip on $100/day. Here's how.

  3. Mountain Biking the Adventure Route of the Olympic Discovery Trail


    Just north of Olympic National Park, the Adventure Route of the Olympic Discovery Trail is one of the best mountain bike trails in the Olympic Peninsula, offering riders 25-miles of pristine Pacific Northwest singletrack.

  4. Great Whites and Great Waves: A Surf Road Trip from Seattle to San Francisco


    From being pummeled and humbled along to Oregon Coast, to encountering great white sharks, here's a glimpse into a six-day surf road trip from Seattle to San Francisco.

  5. One Gear Tester's Favorite Gear from 2016


    From mountain bikes and snowboards to camera tripods and stoves, here's one gear tester's guide to the best gear of 2016.