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  1. Get Off the Country Roads for the Best Country Cookin’

    West Virginia

    High on Snowshoe Mountain, the Sunrise Backcountry Hut is a gourmet dining experience you have to snowmobile 2 miles into the wild to reach— but it’s worth the adventure.

  2. Watters Smith State Memorial Park - Hiking

    West Virginia

    Nature lovers, birdwatchers, and history buffs alike love Watters Smith State Memorial Park’s short, easy trails that give a glimpse into West Virginian history.

  3. Pinnacle Rock State Park - Hiking

    West Virginia

    Pinnacle Rock State Park is perfect for leisurely hikers who love scenic overlooks and stunning panoramas without the technical commitment or endurance you’d need for longer, more challenging trails.

  4. Spruce Knob - Hiking

    West Virginia

    A hiker’s paradise, Spruce Knob has amazing views and is home to one of the 5 “best backpacking routes in the mid-Atlantic,” according to Hiking Upward.

  5. Otter Creek Wilderness - Hiking

    West Virginia

    This 20,698-acre natural bowl formed by Shavers and McGowan mountains has several beautiful backcountry opportunities for hikers who are looking for a long-distance trails, wildlife, and remote treks.

  6. North Fork Mountain Trail - Hiking

    West Virginia

    Nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, the steep and challenging North Fork Mountain Trail is one of the most scenic in West Virginia.

  7. Greenbrier River Trail - Hiking

    West Virginia

    Voted 1 of the top 10 hiking trails in the U.S. by Backpacker Magazine, the 78-mile Greenbrier River Trail is a well-maintained trek into the history and beauty of West Virginia.

  8. Coopers Rock State Forest - Hiking

    West Virginia

    With everything from creeks and cliffs to rock formations and boulders, West Virginia’s largest state forest has a very diverse trail system that hikers of all levels will love to explore.

  9. Greenbrier State Forest - Hiking

    West Virginia

    If you are looking for a great workout paired with magnificent scenery, then Greenbrier State Forest is the perfect spot.

  10. Pipestem Resort State Park - Cross-Country Skiing

    West Virginia

    Pipestem Resort State Park has 7 ungroomed trails for experienced cross-country skiers and snowshoers on its pristine southern West Virginia land.

  11. Lost River - Whitewater

    West Virginia

    The Lost River is already a popular kayaking destination when the water is running high.

  12. Charles Fork Lake - Flatwater Paddling

    West Virginia

    Charles Fork Lake is a perfect entry-level, leisurely paddling experience for beginners, families, and leisurely paddlers. Pretty good if you’re an angler looking to snag yourself a walleye, too!

  13. Cherry River - Whitewater

    West Virginia

    A tributary to the world-famous Gauley River, West Virginia’s Cherry River flows through the Allegheny Mountains in the eastern part of the state.

  14. Shavers Fork - Whitewater

    West Virginia

    Shavers Fork is one of the 5 forks that make up the Cheat River, beginning in the high hills surrounding Snowshoe Mountain Resort in eastern West Virginia.

  15. Greenbrier River - Whitewater

    West Virginia

    At 162 miles long, the Greenbrier River in West Virginia is one of the longest rivers in the state.

  16. A SXSW Guide for Lovers of Adventure and the Outdoors


    We reached out to Sarah Knapp—founder of OutdoorFest and Mappy Hour—to find out which SXSW events are not to be missed by those whose passions lie outdoors or are committed to positive environmental impact.

  17. Small Town, Big Backyard: 6 Reasons Why Bishop is a Must-Visit Destination for Outdoor Lovers


    Between the Sierra and Inyo National Forest, just south of Yosemite and north of Death Valley National Parks, it’s backyard is big indeed.

  18. 48 Hours of Adventure: How to Have an Unforgettable Weekend in Memphis


    Memphis might be the youngest of the major cities in the state of Tennessee, but locals will argue that it has the richest history of them all.

  19. Bluestone Lake - Flatwater Paddling

    West Virginia

    Great for paddlers or families looking for some peace and quiet, Bluestone Lake is calm with low traffic. There is a significant bald eagle population that lives nearby, too, so be on the lookout!

  20. Hawks Nest State Park - Flatwater Paddling

    West Virginia

    The calm waters and scenic backdrop at Hawks Nest Lake are perfect for beginner paddlers, families, and folks looking for a relaxing afternoon on the water.

  21. Babcock State Park - Flatwater Paddling

    West Virginia

    Boley Lake at Babcock State Park is perfect for a leisurely paddle, but there’s also an experts-only 5.5-mile creek that goes right to the New River, if you want a challenge.

  22. Wildflowers and Watering Holes: A Road Tripper's Guide to Texas Hill Country in the Spring


    Far removed from big city livin’, every road along this journey is scenic, and in the springtime, is lined with the waves of wildflowers and several historic, heritage-rich Texas towns.

  23. The Best Trail to Tavern Pairing in Dallas-Fort Worth

    From nature preserves to hip and happening microbreweries, here are the best trail to tavern pairings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

  24. Coal River - Flatwater Paddling

    West Virginia

    With a maximum Class II difficulty level, trips along the Coal River are smooth and leisurely rides through scenic, historic, and rural WV.

  25. Upper Mon Water Trail - Flatwater Paddling

    West Virginia

    West Virginia’s first water trail for recreational boaters, follows along the upper 65 miles of the Monongahela River from Fairmont, WV to Rices Landing in PA. You’ll pass through many communities and through several historic locks and dams over the trail.