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  1. Fort Snelling State Park - Snowshoeing


    Fort Snelling State Park is located in the Mississippi River Sandplains Landscape Region at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. The park lies just a few miles from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. A freeway exchange carries hundreds of thousands of cars past the park’s entrance. But once at the trailhead, the hectic pace of modern civilization fades to a quiet peaceful natural setting.

  2. Snowshoeing in Baker Park Reserve


    The Three Rivers Park district maintains 38 miles of snowshoe trails at 11 parks and reserves. The parks offer dozens of snowshoe hikes, some by full moon, some by candlelight, some for beginners or just for women. Snowshoes are provided, and most fees are $5. Baker Park Reserve has over 5 miles of winter trails to explore.

  3. Snowshoeing in Lake Maria State Park


    Established in 1963, Lake Maria State Park offers outdoor enthusiasts a 1,750-acre wilderness playground. Habitats range from deep old growth woods, marshes, ponds and grassland prairies. In the winter, snowshoeing and cross country skiing offer a unique experience.

  4. Mackenzie Lobby Havey: Weaving a Running Life


    Mackenzie Lobby Havey always knew she was going to be a runner, ever since her dad took her to watch the inaugural Twin Cities Marathon.

  5. Karen Gelmis: Let’s Run Huntsville


    A NASA engineer and the founder of We Run Huntsville, Karen Gelmis has developed an engineering approach to running.

  6. Beth Lopez: Determination and Dedication

    Salt Lake City

    Beth Lopez is a runner who has overcome injury -- and some bad luck -- to thrive in Salt Lake's running community.

  7. Jeff Wilson: Running Strong


    Jeff WIlson is a runner who became hooked on the sport by running for his health. Then he found pure enjoyment beyond the fitness aspect of running.

  8. Cody Goodwin: A Winning Balance


    Record breaking Nashville runner Cody Goodwin uses running to mentally and physically balance out a busy, active life.

  9. Betsy Sloan: Running a Full Life


    Betsy Sloan is a Nashville runner who balances motherhood with an active running career.

  10. Q&A with Ultra Runner Amy Clark


    We sat down with Minneapolis runner Amy Clark to talk about her running routine, what keeps her moving and why jogging in the cold is fun.

  11. Q&A with Birmingham’s Zach Andrews


    We sat down with Birmingham ultra runner Zach Andrews to discuss what keeps him moving.

  12. Q&A with Alabama Runner Jeff Wilson


    We sat down with Jeff Wilson to discuss how he originally started running to shed weight, and how after that he just kept on going.

  13. Q&A with Nashville Runner Betsy Sloan


    We sat down with Nashville runner Betsy Sloan to talk about what keeps her motivated and moving!

  14. Blane Bachelor: Finding Peace on San Francisco Trails

    San Francisco

    San Francisco-based freelance writer Blane Bachelor talks to RootsRated about her longtime love of running.

  15. Kurt Decker: Embracing the Trails


    Kurt Decker can’t name a place where running doesn’t influence his daily existence. “Running is my life, really. My love of running eventually led to my professional career and has fully engulfed every facet of my life,” says Decker. “My day to day life is in one way or another shaped by running."

  16. Amy Clark: Dirt Sparkle


    Listening to Amy Clark describe her passion for trail running, you want to end the call, throw on a pair of shoes and head for the woods.

  17. Blood, Sweat, Vomit, & Tears


    It was a day to forget for RootsRated Editor, Louis Dzierzak, at this year's IRONMAN Wisconsin, finishing the event with blood on his face and a dislocated shoulder.