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  • 6 Reasons To Visit CityRock (Even If You Don’t Climb)

  • Q&A with Local Legend Bill Beagle

  • Best Dog Friendly Hikes in Colorado Springs

  • Q&A with Local Legend Bill Beagle

Recent Stories

  1. Q&A with Local Legend Bill Beagle

    Bill Beagle is a Colorado Springs runner with a song in his heart -- and many miles on his legs!

  2. Bill Beagle: Trail Troubadour

    Bill Beagle is a Colorado Springs runner with the right attitude: running is tough but fun.

  3. Sandi Yukman: Radiating Beyond the Run

    Sandi Yukman has given back to the Colorado Springs community in many ways. From fighting fires to saving trails, Sandi is a true model athlete.

  4. 4 Colorado Wilderness Areas Without The Crowds

    The Colorado Front Range is often swarming with visitors during the summer, but there are some wilderness areas where tranquility can still be found.

  5. Choose Your Own Adventure on Pikes Peak in Summer

    There are plenty of options for adventure on and around Pikes Peak in summer. Here, seven ways to get inspired.

  6. Summer Stargazing Near Colorado Springs

    Summer is a great time to party with the stars. Here, how to get started with stargazing near Colorado Springs.

  7. Paddle Boarding in Colorado Springs: Tips for Newbies

    With accessible lakes and a growing SUP scene, paddle boarding in Colorado Springs is a perfect summer activity. Here's how to get started.

  8. Celebrate Cycling During Bike Month in Colorado Springs

    Bike Month in Colorado Springs means a month full of cycling-centric fun, from a nighttime ride to kids events to Bike to Work Month.

  9. 5 Family-Friendly Adventures in Colorado Springs This Summer

    Check out these fun, family-friendly adventures in Colorado Spring this summer, from a nighttime bike ride to urban farming to a skate park.

  10. Heavy Storms Cause Trail Damage and Closures Around Colorado Springs

    Record rain in May has caused extensive trail damage and closures around Colorado Springs; here's what you need to know.

  11. Gearing Up for Cycling Season With the Elephant Rock Ride

    The Elephant Rock ride is the kick-off to cycling season in Colorado Springs and the rest of the state, with five distances and thousands of riders.

  12. Insider Tips on the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

    To rock one of Colorado's most popular races as a runner or spectator, check out these Insider tips on the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon.

  13. 6 Reasons To Visit CityRock (Even If You Don’t Climb)

    A go-to spot for climbers in Colorado Springs for years, CityRock has become a community hub for outdoorsy events, movie nights, and classes.

  14. 7 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Spring in Colorado Springs

    From hot springs to muddy races to great group runs, check out these seven ways to enjoy spring in Colorado Springs.

  15. A Conversation With "Hiking Bob" Falcone

    Hiking Bob Falcone is an icon in and around Colorado Springs for his enthusiasm about the outdoors, plus an impressive social media following.

  16. Have a Drink, Donate to an Outdoorsy Cause in Colorado Springs

    Next time you go for drinks in Colorado Springs, consider ordering one that helps an outdoorsy cause. Here, five suggestions.

  17. A Gearhead Gives Back

    Mike Mazzola, a self-described gearhead, had an idea. He would open an outdoor shop. It would be a consignment shop and a thrift store. It would help feed his insatiable appetite for gear. Maybe, he thought, the shop could benefit a group of people he felt deserved a boost.

  18. Q&A with Mountain Runner Sandi Yukman

    Sandi Yukman talks about her love of running and why the Colorado Springs community is a great place to train.

  19. After the Fire

    On June 26, 2012, a massive wildfire exploded on the hillsides of Colorado Springs. The fire would eventually sweep over more than 18,000 acres.

  20. South Slopes of Pikes Peak Opening

    Remember when you were a kid, and you were waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Christmas morning so you could open your presents? Remember how the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas felt like it was a million months? That’s how it’s felt liv...

  21. Seek the Call of the Rocky Mountain Elk

    Colorado's elk rutting season is the perfect time to witness the spectacle of bugling elk in the Rocky Mountains.

  22. Gold in Colorado Springs

    The aspen is the signature tree of Colorado. But what makes it so special? Perhaps it is the impermanence that it exudes. In the high country, aspen trees are still budding in mid-May, and by mid-September, their glowing green leaves are turning to gold.

  23. Rocky Mountain High

    I remember the first time I got high in Colorado. A newly arrived transplant from the Midwest, I had climbed up the last few jagged rock stairs of the Barr Trail and arrived at the top of Pikes Peak – a 14,115 foot summit and more than two miles higher than I had ever been on my own power.

  24. Best Dog Friendly Hikes in Colorado Springs

    There are plenty of worthwhile places to take your dog in Colorado Springs, and here are a handful of the best options, from open meadows to gurgling streams.

  25. The Access Fund’s Conservation Team

    The Access Fund is a conservation group that works preserve the approach trails for some of the nation's best climbing areas.

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