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Fresh Pond Reservation in Cambridge, MA not only provides the beauty of nature, and a little history, but also a road that encircles Fresh Pond reservation which provides the ideal place for walking, biking, and most of all trail running.

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Danielle LeBlanc


2.5 miles

The trail is a continuous loop around Fresh Pond.

Destination Distance From Downtown

4.7 miles


2 of 5 diamonds

Although the loop is 2.25 miles long, it is mostly paved and mostly flat terrain.

Time To Complete

0 hours

The average person could probably finish the 2.25 mile loop within 20 minutes. The loop is fairly flat and easy.


All Seasons

The best season to experience this trail is in the Summer, Fall and Spring. In the Winter it may be a slushy mess.

Dog Friendly


Fees Permits


Much of the parking around the pond is residential parking only. However, there is some parking at Alewife and the Cambridge Water Department.

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Fresh Pond Loop



Fresh Pond Reservation in Cambridge, MA provides the beauty of nature, a little history, and a road that encircles Fresh Pond reservation -- an the ideal place for walking, biking, and trail running. The mostly paved road loops around the pond, offering a superb running trail, a trail filled with fantastic scenery, such as the pond itself, several meadows, parks, woodlands, and other small ponds and wetlands as well. You will never be bored as you explore all 162 acres this reservation has to offer.

What Makes It Great

Surrounded by nature, you can enjoy the 2.25-mile trail with ease as you survey the beautiful scenery around you. Starting at Neville place, you are instantaneously thrown into the beauty that is Fresh Pond as you pass by Butterfly Meadow and Lusitania Woods before connecting to the main trail that loops around the pond. From there, the trail takes you past Lusitania Meadow and around a large cove to Kingsley Park. Not long after Kingsley Park, you will find yourself passing the lovely Wier Meadow, then around and through Glacken Slope. Past Glacken Slope the trail passes through Little Fresh Pond, until finally you find yourself once again back at Neville Place. 

Whether you go in the morning or mid-evening, this trail and its sights will not disappoint you. What also makes Fresh Pond great is its terrain. The paved trail is fairly even and without any rugged or hilly terrain. This fairly easy road allows you to enjoy the run and the scenery. 

Who is Going to Love It

Fresh Pond is only 7.2 miles from Boston. This trail can always be found packed with walkers, bikers, and of course, runners. Anyone who enjoys a nice 2 mile run mixed with the natural beauty of Fresh Pond, meadows, parks ,the woods, and wildlife will truly love trail running here. The predominately paved road and mostly flat trail makes this course ideal for families and beginners. This 2.25-mile venture also makes it great for those experienced runners who want to knock out a few loops in a pristine setting. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Parking is available in designated areas to those with Cambridge residential parking permits. All others will be tagged and towed at the owner's expense. Motorized vehicles and off-road vehicles are allowed in the parking lots only. Bicycles must be used care, recognizing that pedestrians have the right of way. Fresh Pond is open dawn until dusk year round.

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Fresh Pond Loop

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Cambridge, MA, 02138
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