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  1. Nuckin Futs at the Chuckanuts
    The Chuckanuts are Bellingham’s favorite trails. Whether you’re a high school cross country runner or training for a 50k, if you live in Bellingham, you're probably familiar with these stellar mountain paths. Here are 7 tips on how to get the most out of your run in the ‘Nuts.
  2. Q&A with Bellingham Runner Sam Alexander
    Sam Alexander is a competitive runner who has continued to keep pushing his limits long past his collegiate running career. You may notice two things about Sam: he likes going fast and he loves the track.
  3. 15 Must-Do Bellingham Adventures in 2016
    The Pacific Northwest is brimming with world-class outdoor experiences, and there's no shortage of Bellingham adventures well worth adding to your bucket list.
  4. The Mount Baker Adventure Race Resurrected
    Bellingham ultra runner Daniel Probst is on a quest to bring back the spirit of the historic Mount Baker Adventure Race.
  5. Autumn at Artist Point
    Artist Point lies at the conclusion of Highway 542 just outside of Bellingham. During the winter and snow-filled spring, the road can go no further than the Mount Baker Ski Resort’s upper lodge, and as such, Artist Point is left peacefully resting above, only accessible to backcountry skiers trudging up the slopes.
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