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  1. Join the Standup Paddling Community

    The Standup paddling scene has exploded across the country, and Atlanta is no different. RootsRated brings you tips on how to get in on the action.

  2. Javier De Jesus: Birth of an Ultrarunner

    Javier De Jesus is profiled by Roots Rated and New Balance as he talks about his love of running in Atlanta and the thrill of the ultra distance racing.

  3. Hike the 5 Most Scenic Balds in North Carolina and Georgia

    Hiking these scenic balds — mountains in the Southeast with no tree cover — can be challenging, but the reward at the top can't be beat.

  4. Georgia’s Full Spectrum of Fall Color

    The fall leaves in Georgia seem to take their sweet time, waiting until the end of October and early November to flourish. But once they do, bursting into a brilliant spectrum of yellow, orange and red, we Georgians are granted a seasonal show which rivals that of New England.

  5. Float the Boat: Bouldering’s Biggest Day in Atlanta

    Atlanta's annual Float the Boat bouldering competition is one of the oldest (and best) climbing comps in the country.

  6. Find Thrills Riding in Circles at Atlanta’s Dick Lane Velodrome

    Riding a bike with no gears or brakes on a 36-degree banked concrete track can be fun for riders and spectators at the Dick Lane Velodrome.

  7. Escape the Cityscape

    If you're new to camping and looking to escape the city of Atlanta, here are some Inside TIps on how to get started, courtesy of RootsRated.

  8. Beat the Urban Heat

    During the summer, the Atlanta heat can be totally stifling. It's times like these when running seems like the most grueling thing on earth, but here are 4 shady runs to escape the sun.

  9. Atlanta's Far from Faraway Breweries

    Lucky for Atlanta outdoor enthusiasts, the suburban sprawl means that we can have our green space and our breweries too.

  10. Atlanta Climbing Scene

    Being so close to some of the most excellent bouldering in the southeast, Atlanta's climbing scene is on the constant rise, and thankfully, gyms like Stone Summit continue that trend.

  11. 11 of Atlanta’s Most Spectacular Spots for Leaf-Peeping This Fall

    Atlanta is only a short drive away from some of the best leaf-peeping in the country. Try these scenic spots to marvel at the outdoors.

  12. 8 Can’t Miss Outdoor Events Around Atlanta this Fall

    Take advantage of these 8 great outdoor events around Atlanta this fall, which feature running, cycling and paddling.

  13. 7 Outdoor Dates to Enjoy Around Atlanta This Fall

    Want to impress a date? Try stand-up paddleboarding, navigating a corn maze or combining hiking and wine tasting with these outdoor dates.

  14. 7 Reasons Why Atlanta is an Awesome City for Outdoor Lovers

    While many people consider Atlanta to be a concrete jungle, it's actually a city that's brimming with awesome outdoor destinations.

  15. 6 Must-Do Trail Runs Around Atlanta This Fall

    Enjoy the brilliant fall colors with these trail runs around Atlanta featuring routes for both hard-core runners and first-time off-roaders.

  16. 5 Spectacular Paddling Trips South of Atlanta This Fall

    You'll find wide rivers, towering cypress and biological diversity—but no bugs—on these paddling trips through south Georgia this fall.

  17. 4 Speed Workout Spots Away from the Track in Atlanta

    Looking for some places to get in a speed workout without having to run around the track? Here are four Atlanta destinations that will scratch that itch.

  18. 4 Reasons Why You Need to Explore the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

    Just minutes from downtown Atlanta, the massive Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area offers unrivaled trails and spectacular views.

  19. 4 Must-Do Paddling Events Near Atlanta

    The Atlanta area is home to some of the best paddling in the country. Here are 4 upcoming events to take advantage of the local resources.

  20. 3 Scenic Atlanta Paddles

    These Atlanta paddles are perfect for autumn views, moderate water and memorable adventures.

  21. 3 Adventures to Pair With Helen's Oktoberfest

    Helen, Georgia's Oktoberfest is a fun, festive time -- but don't forget the adventures! Here are 3 places to run, bike and paddle before the brew!

  22. 10 Events to Add to Your Atlanta Bucket List

    Here are 10 events to add to your Atlanta bucket list in 2015—everything from SUP races to one of the largest running events in the world.

  23. 20 Outdoor Adventures to Knock Off Your Atlanta Bucket List in 2016

    From waterfalls and 4,000-foot peaks to urban parks close to home, these adventures around Atlanta are great additions to any bucket list.

  24. 10 Mile Markers Where You Can Cheer on Georgia Marathon Runners

    Here are ten great spots to watch the runners at the upcoming Georgia Marathon and enjoy brunch and a coffee near the course.

  25. 7 Great Places for a Long Run around Atlanta

    With marathon season approaching, here are 7 great destinations for a long run in the Atlanta area to help with your training.

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