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  1. Q&A with Ultra Runner Lissa Ballinger

    We sat down with Aspen's Lissa Ballinger and had her share her thoughts on running, competing, and what it takes to fuel a high-energy body.

  2. Q&A with Ultra Runner Christy Mahon

    We sat down with Aspen runner Christy Mahon to discuss her running career and what keeps her motivated to keep moving even during the toughest times on the trail.

  3. Sarah Leone: Inspiration in Motion

    Sarah Leone is a Boulder runner with boundless energy which she channels into programs such as Paradox Sports -- and of course, her own meditative running.

  4. Christy Mahon: One of Aspen's Top Alpine Adventurers

    Profile of Aspen trail runner and alpine adventurer Christy Mahon.

  5. Lissa Ballinger: "Aspen Girl for Life"

    Like many longtime Colorado residents, Lissa Ballinger had always taken advantage of the state's spectacular backcountry with mountaineering, mountain biking and skiing.

  6. Ray McNutt: From "Out-Of-Shape Texan" to Accomplished Runner

    Ray McNutt minces no words in describing himself at the time he moved to Colorado from Austin, Texas about 17 years ago. He was “an out-of-shape Texan” with more than 200 pounds on his 5-foot, 11-inch frame. “My friends were like, ‘You might want to start exercising a little bit," he says.

  7. Q&A With Jordan White: Alpine Exploration in Aspen and Beyond

    In 2009, Aspenite Jordan White became the youngest person to ski all of Colorado's 54 14ers. Here, a recap of his latest alpine adventures.

  8. Stephen Szoradi: Working it Out

    Stephen Szoradi is a mountain guide, trail runner and ski instructor in Aspen.

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